BVA/ B.Des in Interior & Spatial Design

The core objective of the course is to understand humans are always associated with Space and have developed deeper association. In the process of living together spaces will develop their own identities which are connected to the aesthetic appreciation, taste and style of human being. This Course will develop sensibilities to identify the space-Human relation and explore to provide a meaning through the design possibilities. The course facilitates students to interact with space and evaluate, to creatively think and provide solutions. The objective is also to introduce the new Digital mediums and representation skills as part of the program.

BVA ( Interior & Spatial Design)

Approved by Bangalore University, Karnataka.
Course Duration : 4 years
Eligibility :

Pass in 10+2 / Higher Secondary (HS) / Pre University (PUC) / 'A' Level (with 12 years of schooling) or its equivalent with English as one of the languages. Shall have secured a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate in core subjects.


Course Outcome

The course introduces different spaces and their needs in the changing cultural values and basic human needs. After completing the course students will be able to understand and execute Design Principles and effectively adopt Design Process and Design Thinking in their works. Students can demonstrate considerable skills in Design Research methodology and explorations and can reach conclusive Design solutions. Course will enable student in designing personal spaces such as Residential Interiors and Exteriors Space. Course will enable student to design public spaces such as Schools, Hospitals, Museums and commercial spaces such as shops etc in a very innovative manner.

Students will be able to understand and perform the professional and Managerial tasks required in their respective domains. Students will have sufficient digital skills to perform and apply in his professional career.

Course Content

Semester 1

  • Story of Art I
  • Fundamentals of Drawing - I
  • Design Foundation I
  • Inter Design studies- I
  • Constitution of India and Human Rights
  • Workshop

Semester 2

  • Story of Art II
  • Fundamentals of Drawing - I
  • Design Foundation I
  • Inter Design studies- I
  • Ability Enhancement compulsory Course- Environmental Studies
  • Workshop

Semester 3

  • Interior Design Thinking
  • Design Studio:Form & Space - Furniture Design
  • Interior Design Materials and Applications I - Wood and Wall finish
  • Technical Drawing
  • Elective
    1. 35.1 Digital Design-I
    2. 35.2 Graphics Design-I
    3. 35.3 Revitalization of Arts &
  • Crafts
  • Workshop / Simple Project
  • Non Core: Science & Society

Semester 4

  • History of Design (Interior Design)
  • Design Studio: Space & Planning
  • Interior Design Materials and Applications II – Metal and Glass
  • Architectural Elements and Services
  • Digital Visualization: 1
  • Elective
    1. 45.1Digital Design-II
    2. 45.2 Graphics Design-II
    3. 45.3Digital Animation
  • Workshop / Simple Project
  • Non-Core: Life skill and Personality Development

Semester 5

  • Environmental control
  • Interior Design Studio II – Inhabitations
  • User Element Design
  • Working Drawing Details
  • Elective - (Practical)
  • 56.1 Digital Matte painting
  • 56.2 Camera and Film editing
  • 56.3 Photography
  • Advanced Visualization Methods:1
  • Banking and Finance
  • Workshop – Textiles
  • Project

Semester 6

  • Estimation and Project Management
  • Interior Design Studio: III
  • Complex Furniture Systems
  • Landscape
  • Signage Graphics
  • Elective
    1. Interaction Design
    2. Motion Graphics
    3. Digital Illustration Technique
  • Advanced Visualization Methods:2
  • Non-Core /SDC Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Semester 7

  • Sustainable Practices in Design
  • Design Thesis (Dissertation)
  • Interior Design Studio IV
  • Portfolio Development
  • Elective
    1. Game Design
    2. Videography
    3. Preproduction

Semester 8

  • Graduation Project
  • Internship