B.V.A (Graphic Design)

Objective of the Graphic Design course is to prepare the young and talented Creative people to meet the global standards in terms of Creativity and application of the Technology. To provide broader perspectives of the Contemporary Graphic design today. To introduce Design Thinking and innovative approach to the Design through Research, Community Interaction and Collaboration. To introduce innovative methods of Advertising and branding of products. To provide knowledge in Interdisciplinary Courses; through Elective subjects to prepares him to serve in the field other than the core domain. To train students in latest digital technology, software and applications this is very essential in Graphic Design today. To provide hands on experience to the students through Industry interactive Projects.

BVA (Graphic Design)

Approved by Bangalore University, Karnataka.
Course Duration : 4 years
Eligibility :

Pass in 10+2 / Higher Secondary (HS) / Pre University (PUC) / 'A' Level (with 12 years of schooling) or its equivalent with English as one of the languages. Shall have secured a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate in core subjects.


Course Outcome

After completion of the Course, students will be able to demonstrate strong knowledge in Contemporary Advertising and Graphic Design theories. Students will be able to demonstrate strong knowledge in Graphic Design principles and applying them thoroughly in his/her works. Students will be able to exhibit very good sense of visual communication, representational skills, designing logos and layouts for wide range of needs.

Students can develop individual approach in resolving Design problems through independent Research Projects and reach logical ends. Students will be able to employ both manual and digital skills as required to his / her design works.

Course Content

Semester 1

  • Story of Art - I
  • Visual Thinking
  • Fundamentals of Design: 2D & 3D
  • Fundamentals of Drawing - I
  • 2D & 3D Design Practice
  • Inter Design studies – I

Semester 2

  • Story of Art - II
  • Introduction to Visual Cultures
  • Colour Theory
  • Fundamentals of Drawing - II
  • Colour Composition
  • Inter Design studies - II

Semester 3

  • Theory of Graphic Design - I
  • Graphic Design & Communication - I
  • Drawing for Designers
  • Typography - I
  • Advanced Digital Media
  • Computer Applications & Information Technology
  • Elective*

Semester 4

  • Theory of Graphic Design - II
  • Graphic Design & Communication - II
  • Drawing for Designers
  • Typography - II
  • Advanced Digital Media
  • Elective*

Semester 5

  • Theory of Advertising Design - I
  • Graphic Design for Gaming
  • Graphic Design for Print Media
  • Advanced Illustration Techniques
  • Elective*

Semester 6

  • Theory of Advertising Design - II
  • Advertising Design & Media
  • Packaging Design & Printing Technology
  • Advanced Digital Illustration Techniques
  • Project Work
  • Elective*

Semester 7

  • Theory of Advertising, Visual Communication & Media - I
  • Advertising Design Research Project - I
  • Interaction Design
  • Portfolio Development
  • Internship / Project
  • Elective*

Semester 8

  • Design & Business Management
  • Theory of Advertising, Visual Communication & Media - II
  • Advertising Design Major Research Project - I
  • Minor Research Project - II
  • Portfolio Development, Final Display & Presentation of the Design Research Project