BVA / B.Des in Animation & Game Art

This bachelor of Visual arts programme, affiliated to Bangalore City University is a four-year degree programme that covers topics such as animation principles, character design, animation VFX, animation films, game design, digital animation, graphic design, animation and multimedia design, etc.

This programme will teach you how to apply animation techniques to create and animate characters, textures, props, environments and collision objects using 2D and 3D platforms.

Graduates of this programme use complex skills to make games more interactive and realistic. They are trained on various levels of game development enabling them to create 3D assets incorporating artistic principles across multiple video game platforms. The curriculum also focuses on colour theory, shading, lighting, life drawing, anatomy, modelling low & high polygon, perspective, scene staging, texturing, hand key character and prop animations, rigging, 3D mesh, topology, motion capture and facial animation.

BVA / B.Des in Animation & Game Art

Approved by Bangalore University, Karnataka.
Course Duration : 4 years
Eligibility :

Pass in 10+2 / Higher Secondary (HS) / Pre University (PUC) / 'A' Level (with 12 years of schooling) or it's equivalent with English as one of the languages. Shall have secured a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate in core subjects. or 3 years Diploma recognized by Technical board.


Career Scope

A BVA Animation & game art degree can enable you to take up job titles such as game artist, 3D animator, 3D modeller, character artist, cinematic animator, concept artist, user interface artist, mechanical mesh modeller, effects artist, art director, lead artist, Digital Animator, Pre-production, Texturing, Lighting, Post-production, VFX, Motion Graphics, Storyboard artist, Digital 2D Animator, Composting artist, technical artist, etc.

Course Content

Semester 1

  • Story of Art I
  • Fundamentals of Drawing - I
  • Design Foundation I
  • Inter Design studies- I
  • Constitution of India and Human Rights
  • Workshop

Semester 2

  • Story of Art II
  • Fundamentals of Drawing - I
  • Design Foundation I
  • Inter Design studies- I
  • Ability Enhancement compulsory Course- Environmental Studies
  • Workshop

Semester 3

  • Animation Design Thinking
  • Art for Animation- I
  • Animation Foundation
  • Computer Graphics Fundamentals
  • Elective
    1. Digital Design-I
    2. Graphics Design-I
    3. Revitalization of Arts & Crafts
  • NON CORE: Science & Society
  • Workshop

Semester 4

  • Concept Art & Visual Development
  • Art for Animation II
  • 2D-3D Digital Animation
  • 3D CGI Foundation
  • Elective
    1. Digital Design-II
    2. Graphics Design-II
    3. Digital Animation
  • Non-Core: Life skill and Personality Development
  • Workshop

Semester 5

  • Story Design & Visual Narrative
  • Preproduction; Script to Animatic
  • Character Animation
  • BG Design and Development
  • Virtual Cinematography
  • Elective (Practical)
    1. Digital Matte painting
    2. Camera and Film editing
    3. Photography
  • Non-Core : Banking and Finance

Semester 6

  • Game Design
  • 3D Character Setup
  • Effects Animation
  • Character Design and Development
  • Postproduction
  • Elective
    1. Interaction Design
    2. Motion Graphics
    3. Digital Illustration Technique
  • SDC / Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Semester 7

  • Animation Studio Design & management
  • Portfolio Development
  • 3D Major Elective:
    1. 1 2D-3D Animation
    2. 71.2 3D CGI for Animation Film
    3. 71.3 3D CGI for Game Art
    4. 71.4 Visual Effects & Compositing
    5. 71.5 Pre-Production
  • Design Thesis ( Dissertation)
  • Elective
    1. Game Design
    2. Videography
    3. Preproduction

Semester 8

  • Graduation Project
  • Internship