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Acharya School of Design


The objective of the program is to introduce the Contemporary Art Theories and Art Histories of both Indian and western cultures. To engage students in Creative thinking, Visual thinking and cultural studies. To develop strong skills in drawing and Painting including other creative mediums of communication. To develop strong artistic sensibility to react to ones one surroundings, culture and history which reflects in his/her own creative out comes. To provide knowledge in Interdisciplinary Courses; through Elective subjects. To train students in latest digital technology, software and their applications which is very essential today.

Duration : 4 Years

Eligibility : Pass in 10+2 / Higher Secondary (HS) / Pre University (PUC) / 'A' Level (with 12 years of schooling) or its equivalent with English as one of the languages. Shall have secured a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate in Core subjects.

Course Outcome
Students will be able to demonstrate considerable knowledge in the subjects such as Visual & Creative thinking processes that will structure and moderate the creative outcome of the course. Students will be able to understand and express his /her strong knowledge in Contemporary Art Theories and History of Art that gives good understanding of the evolution domain. Students will be able to demonstrate effectively the techniques and skills of representation in the chosen medium. Students will be able to execute the creative works on his / her chosen subjects with good sense of composition and balance of colour and form. Students will be able to undertake the research projects in their interested areas and reach conclusive ends. Students will be able to understand and perform the professional and Managerial tasks required in their respective domains. Students will have sufficient Digital skills to perform and apply in his professional career.

Course Content

Semester I
• Story of Art - I
• Visual Thinking
• Fundamentals of Design: 2D & 3D
• Fundamentals of Drawing - I
• 2D & 3D Design Practice
• Inter Design studies – I

Semester II
• Story of Art - II
• Introduction to Visual Cultures
• Colour Theory
• Fundamentals of Drawing - II
• Colour Composition
• Inter Design studies - II

Semester III
• Western Art - Christian Art
• Far Eastern Art
• Creative Thinking - I
• Painting Techniques - I
• Drawing & Painting Study - I
• Computer Applications & Information Technology
• Electives*

Semester IV
• Western Art: Gothic, Renaissance
• Indian Aesthetics
• Creative Thinking - II
• Painting Techniques - II
• Drawing & Painting Study - II
• Workshop
• Electives*

Semester V
• Post Renaissance
• Western Aesthetics
• Indian Art
• Creative Painting - I
• Drawing & Painting - II
• Project Work
• Electives*

Semester VI
• 19th Century Art movements
• Indian Art & Painting - II
• Art Management
• Creative Painting - II
• Drawing & Painting - IV
• Inter-Disciplinary Arts - I
• Project Work
• Electives*

Semester VII
• Modernism & The Avant-gardes
• Modern Indian Art
• Tribal & Folk Art Study
• Creative Painting - III
• Art Project - I
• Inter-Disciplinary Arts - II
• Electives*

Semester VIII
• Contemporary Art Movements - International
• Contemporary Indian Art
• New media Art & Technology
• Self Reflective Creative Painting
• Art Project - II
• Portfolio Development