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Acharya Polytechnic

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communication is striving continuously for excellence in technical education and instilling confidence in the students to face new challenges of the competitive world.

1. To educate Electronic and Communication engineering students to become technicians par excellence who can design, build, install, troubleshoot, repair, and modify developmental and production electronic systems through academic excellence and in partnership with industry through an environment of continuous knowledge seeking.
2. 2. To inculcate leadership qualities and promote ethical values resulting in service to the society

PO1. Basic Knowledge: An ability to apply the basic Engineering knowledge to solve Electronics and Communication engineering problems.
PO2. Discipline Knowledge: An ability to apply discipline specific knowledge to solve core and /or applied engineering problems.
PO3. Experiments and practice: An ability to perform experiments and develop how to analyze and interpret the results to solve Electronics and Communication engineering problem.
PO4. Engineering Tools: An Ability to identify and select modern tools such as simulators, synthesizers etc to analyze and validate the solutions.
PO5.The Engineer and society: Apply the knowledge to assess global and societal issues relevant to engineering practices.
PO6.Environment and sustainability: Examine the impact of engineering solutions in global and environmental contexts and utilize the knowledge for sustained development.
PO7. Ethics: An ability to inculcate and practice professional and ethical responsibilities. PO8. Individual and Team work: Ability to function effectively as an individual and as a team member to accomplish a goal.
PO9. Communication: An ability to communicate effectively.
PO10. Lifelong learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning in the context of technological changes.

Duration : 3 Years

Eligibility : Pass in SSLC / 10th / ’O’ Level from any recognised Board or Council with an aggregate of 35% in Maths and Science.

Career Scope :
Electronics is the root branch in engineering , which comprises hardware and software, E & C branch can correlate itself with all other branches and this provides a wide range of job opportunities in different areas such as Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechtronics Engineering and many more.
1. Core Knowledge: Our graduates apply the principles of Electronics and mathematics to solve real world problems.
2. Breadth: Our graduates exhibit depth of skills and knowledge in Electronics and Communication engineering issues and they apply them to product design.
3. Professionalism: Our graduates exercise excellent leadership qualities at levels appropriate to their experience, which addresses issues in a responsive and ethical manner.
4. Learning environment: our graduate is provided with an academic environment needed for lifelong learning for professional career.
1. Students are able to build, analyze, test and troubleshoot analog and digital circuit.
2. Students are proficient to apply the knowledge in the field of Communication and Networking.