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Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies

Master of Business Administration

Acharya provides a rigorous MBA programme that gives students a thorough footing in all the aspects of managing business - Economics to Etiquette, Computer Application to Quality Management. It instills confidence through competence so that the successful student can be a wealth-creator for his/her enterprise from day one through a series of classroom interactions, case study analysis, problem solving techniques, etc.

At Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, you can make use of an unparalleled global experience with our international immersion programme. Students will be given the opportunity to travel to foreign universities in countries such as Spain, USA, Switzerland, etc to take part in student exchange programmes and interact with experts and research scholars. Students will also have the opportunity to interact with management professionals of other countries and we provide an MBA programme integrated with international immersion. Experience studying in an international university and learning about the management practices and policies followed in different parts of the world. You will also have the opportunity to take part in international conferences, research work, publications, etc.

A list of major collaborations for Management programmes include :
1. Geneva Business School, Switzerland.
2. James cook university, Singapore.
3. University of Lorraine, France.
4. Kent State University, USA.
5. Florida International University, USA.
6. Illinois Institute of Technology, USA.
7. Carleton University, Canada.
8. University of Alicante, Spain.
9. Barcelona Technology School, Barcelona.

As part of the academic structure, students will also be pursuing an entrepreneurship programme with certification from the prestigious EDII,Ahmedabad. The program provides entrepreneurial skills like business model creation, innovation, team management and go to market strategies.

Our Highlights :
Entrepreneurial Skill Building : Leadership begins here.
Research Methodology : Embedded research methodologies in teaching learning process.
Depth of Exposure : Speacialisation along with relevant Certification programmes.
Better Employability : Campus to Corporate Program aimed at rewarding Placements.
Competencey Enhancement : Comprehensive Training throughout the programme.
Linguistic Edge : Strong emphasis on 'Language Skill Development'- both Business English & Foreign Languages.
International Immersion & Study Tours : Be part of a global experience and interact with peers and experts from other parts of the globe engaging in knowledge sharing and more.
International Erasmus Mundus Scholarship : An opportunity to study abroad under scholarship.
Intensified Corporate Exposure Learning (CEL) : Programmes that enhance your employability by getting you corporate ready.
Industrial Tours/Visits : Learn through interaction with industry experts and get your first peek into how corporates function.
Project Based Learning : Enhance problem solving skills and research mentality through our project based learning sessions.
Internships : Learn hands-on and experience the corporate practices, ethics and tricks of the trade from top notch industries.

Programme Information :
At Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies we offer our aspirants the choice of single and dual specialisation.

Startups and SMES
Learn the skills required to effectively run Start ups and Small & Medium Enterprises. This specialisation enables you to develop a better understanding of the nuances related to one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy.

Banking Finance and Insurance Services
This programme will train you to become a crucial component to the financial system of the banking sector. The programme primarily aims at credit, insurance and payment and the firms dealing with the same.

Health Care
A Masters degree in this programme enables the aspirant to become professionals and leaders in the sector. The higher lifetime earning potential of this programme makes it one of the best for Return of Investment.

Human Resource
Develop the skills to strategically approach towards effective management of people in an organisation. Obtain success by effectively managing the human resources within the company.

Though this programme, learn about the society's material requirements and its economic patterns of response. From Consumer Behaviour to Sales and Promotion, transform yourself into a formidable asset to an organisation.

Management of monetary resources is key to improving the efficiency of any organisation. This programme focuses on applying general management principles to financial resources of the enterprise.

Duration : The programme duration is 2 years.

Eligibility : Candidate with any Bachelor Degree in any discipline from any recognized University with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate of all subjects, including languages, if any. Admission is based on MAT / KMAT / PGCET / CMAT Scores. Good track record in Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities shall be an added advantage.

Career Scope:
MBA graduates are most in demand both in emerging newer corporates and also in traditionally run business houses. Starting at the middle order of the corporate ladder, the scope for scaling up is quick. THe specialisations offered in the programme enable quick vertical growth and also help in pursuing part time academics for further fine tuning the knowledge in one's chosen area.