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Acharya Institute of Allied Health Sciences

BSc in Optometry

Academic Focus
Optometrists are eye care professionals dealing with vision care. The course curriculum trains the students in human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and physical and geometric optics, instrumentation related to optometry, occupational and dispensing optometry and systemic and ocular diseases and optics.

Career Scope
Optometry is an autonomous, primary health care profession which is concerned with vision care. They determine refractive error and prescribe appropriate corrections. They also are involved with diagnosis and management of several ocular problems. Optometrist can either practice independently or work with an ophthalmologist in clinics and hospitals. They can also work at optical establishments.

Duration : Duration shall be for a period of 4 years including one year of Internship.

Eligibility :
Student must have obtained 50% aggregate in English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics in the higher secondary Examination that is equivalent to 10+2. Candidates who have completed their 2/3 years of diploma in optometry can take admission directly in the second year of B.Sc Optometry.

First Year
Main Subjects
1. Basic Biochemistry
2. Ocular Biochemistry and Nutrition
3. General Anatomy and Physiology
4. Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
5. Physical and Principles of Lighting
6. Geometric Optics

1. English
2. Computer basics
3. Computer programming
4. Mathematics
5. Basic Accounts

Second Year
Main Subjects
1. Optometric Optics
2. Visual Optics
3. CEVS & Optometric instruments
4. Microbiology
5. Pathology
6. Pharmacology

1. Medical Psychology
2. Communications & Public relations

Third Year
Main Subjects
1. Low Vision Aids & Geriatric Optometry
2. Contact Lens
3. Systemic diseases
4. Ocular diseases
5. Dispensing Optometry
6. Occupational Optometry
7. Pediatric Optometry, Binocular vision & Advances in Optometry

1. Practice management
2. Law & Optometry
3. Public health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics