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Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy

D Pharm Diploma in Pharmacy

A Pharmacist’s job is to prepare, mix, compound or dispense drugs and medicines, ointments, powder, pills, tablets and injections on the prescription of a medical practitioner, dentist or veterinarian. Pharmacist are concerned with production of pharmaceutical products, development of the methods or processes of production and quality control. Besides they assist the physician in rendering necessary information about various drugs, their contra-indications, incompatibility etc. Diploma in pharmacy students can set up own pharmacy or chemists and druggists shop to stock after registering with the state Pharmacy Council, of India. A Pharmacist can be a successful medical representative, with good communication skills and a flair for convincing people. Pharmacist can work with pharmaceutical industry, government departments, universities, teaching hospitals, investigation and research institute etc.

Duration : 2 Years

Eligibility : Pass in 10+2 / ‘A’ Level or its equivalent from any Board or Council with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology / Zoology.
This programme is designed to,
1. Impart basic knowledge of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to the students
2. Train the students in compounding, dispensing, storage and safe use of medicines
3. Educate the students about their role and responsibilities in the public healthcare
4. Teach the students about professional standards and ethics of pharmacy
After completion of the programme the graduate will,
1. Eligible for apprenticeship, registration and employment in pharmaceutical sector as Qualified Pharmacist
2. Able to interpret the prescription and dispense the medicines as per regulations
3. Involved in drugstore management and become an entrepreneur
4. Able to continue progressive learning