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Acharya Institute of Technology

General Nursing and Midwifery

Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery [GNM]

    The Acharya’s N R School Nursing believes that it has responsibilities in helping the students develop pride in their profession besides keeping themselves abreast with current knowledge and professional trends for a successful career ahead. This institution recognizes that the nature of nursing is such that a substantial portion of learning of the students is acquired in the clinical fields of practice. This institution believes that it can prepare nurses for taking up the first level positions in nursing in all kinds of health care settings. The college believes that skills in all aspects of communication are also essential for learning and for the practice of nursing. The college recognizes that basic nursing education provides the candidates with a broad and sound foundation in the behavioral, life and nursing sciences for the general practices of nursing.


Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery [GNM]

Duration  : 3 years Diploma Programme

Eligibility :
Minimum education eligibility criteria for admission to GNM,
• 10+2 with 40% marks from any recognized board. However Science is preferable.
• Candidates are also eligible from State Open School recognized by State.
• Government and National Institute of Open School (NIOS) recognized by Central Government.
• Registered ANM.
• 10+2 vocational ANM course from the school recognized by Indian Nursing Council.
• 10+2 Health care Science – Vocational stream from a recognized CBSE board/State/Centre.

For foreign nationals:
The entry qualification equivalency i.e., 12th standard will be obtained by Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi. Institution, State Nursing Council will be responsible to ensure that the qualification and eligibility will be equivalent to what has been prescribed as above. Minimum age for admission will be 17 years. (As on 31st December of that year) The upper age limit is 35 yers for ANM and for LHV, there is no age bar.


Affiliated to Karnataka State Diploma Nursing Examination Board (KSDNEB), Recognized by Government of Karnataka, Approved by Indian Nursing Council (INC) New Delhi & Karnataka State Nursing Council (KNC).


The aims of the Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery programme are,

1. Prepare nurses with a sound educational programme in nursing to enable them to function as efficient members of the health team, beginning with the competencies for first level positions in all kinds of health care settings.

2. To help nurses develop their ability to co-operate and co-ordinate with members of the health team in the prevention of disease, promotion of health and rehabilitation of the sick.

3. To help nurses in their personal and professional development, so that they are able to make maximum contribution to the society as useful and productive individuals, citizens as well as efficient nurses.

4. To serve as a base for further professional education and specialization in nursing.

5. To prepare nurses to keep pace with latest professional and technological developments and use these for providing nursing care services.


On completion of three and a half year Diploma in nursing, nurses will be able to,

1. Demonstrate competency in providing health care to individual, sick or well, using nursing process.

2. Assess the nursing need of clients from birth to death.

3. Plan and carry out appropriate action to meet nursing needs.

4. Provide effective nursing care for maintaining best possible level of health in all aspects.

5. Promote self care in people under their care.

6. Apply problem solving techniques in nursing practice.

7. Evaluate effectiveness of nursing care.

8. Apply problem solving techniques in nursing practice.

9. Evaluate effectiveness of nursing care.

10. Apply knowledge from the humanities, biological and behavioral sciences in functioning as a nurse.

11. Function effectively with members of the health team and community applying the knowledge of human relations and communication skills in her work.

12. Participate as member of the health team in delivery of curative, preventive and rehabilitative health care services.

13. Mobilize community resources and their involvement in working with the communities.

14. Demonstrate use of ethical values in their personal and professional life.

15. Demonstrate interest in activities of professional organizations.

16. Recognize the need for continuing education for professional development.

17. Demonstrate basic skills on teaching patients and giving nursing care to them.

18. Demonstrate basic skills in administration and leadership while working with other members of health team and community.

19. Assist in research activities.


Our Professors

Smt. Nagaratnamma School and College of Nursing is known for global leadership in the field of nursing education and clinical skills, and the Acharya faculty is a combination of young and experienced, passionate and curious individuals. They are the most distinguished scholars, who constantly do research in their respective fields.


Prof. Devi Nanjappan Principal & Head, Medical Surgical Nursing


Prof. Celine Alexander Vice - Principal & Head,
Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing


Prof. Amba V Associate Professor, Child Health Nursing


Ms. Archana. B Lecturer, Medical Surgical Nursing


Mrs. Radhika. S Lecturer, Medical Surgical Nursing


Ms. Elaiyarasi S Lecturer, Community Health Nursing


Mr. Abhilash V Nair Lecturer, Psychiatric Nursing


Ms. Nagammal. M Assistant Lecturer, Community Health Nursing


Ms. Easwari. S Assistant Lecturer, Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing

Course Catalog

General Nursing and Midwifery [GNM]

First Year

Biological Sciences

  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Microbiology.

Behavioural Sciences

  • Psychology.
  • Sociology.

Fundamentals Of Nursing

  • Fundamentals of Nursing.
  • First Aid.
  • Personal Hygiene.

Community Health Nursing - I

  • Community Health Nursing.
  • Environmental Hygiene.
  • Health Education and Communication Skills.
  • Nutrition.
  • English.

Second Year

  • Medical Surgical Nursing I.
  • Medical Surgical Nursing II (Specialties) .
  • Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing.
  • Computer Education.

Third Year

  • Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing.
  • Community Health Nursing - II.
  • Paediatric Nursing.
  • Methods and Media for Teaching in Practice of Nursing.
  • Introduction to Research.
  • Professional Trends and Adjustment.
  • Administration and Ward Management.
  • Health Economics.

  •   Download 2010 Scheme Syllabus

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    Alumni Tweets
    • Good institute. Gives importance to both academics and extra curriculars. Had an amazing set of teachers in the college.
      - Meghana. R, MIT
    • A place where beautiful souls called teachers give you immense support to grow.
      - Vaishnavi Vaikunta, IGATE global solutions ltd
    • We grew with the college from scratch. It helped us build ourselves as persons we are told with the support, teachings and blessings of our lecturers. Amazing Alumni association always interacts with the students regularly.
      - Arun K V, SAP labs India
      - Sujan, Volvo India Pvt Ltd.
    • Blend of academic excellence and everlasting support for extracurricualr activities. As an alumni I feel Acharya is growing bigger everyday in every possible way.
      - Supradeep C M, CSC India Pvt Ltd
    • Importance given to education and faculty highly motivating.
      - Charishma V, Dell International Services
    • The best part of my life was spent in this college.
      - Arun Srinivasan, IGATE