Acharya School of Law

The Acharya School of Law is one of the state's finest institutions of legal education. Housed in the sprawling campus of Acharya Institutions campus, the Law School is unmatched for beauty and is superbly functional for its residential and scholarly community. The School has a sizable and diverse faculty, with many preeminent in their fields. Curricular innovations revise rich traditions to keep pace with rapidly evolving legal, economic, and technological developments. The Law School is strongly committed to providing all students in need with financial assistance and offering those who choose to enter public service with financial support through scholarships.

I hope that you enjoy your virtual visit to the Harvard Law School through this website. If you have not visited recently or ever, I hope that you spend time at our real campus and connect with our vibrant, creative, and welcoming community.


We will,
• Educate graduates who will be excellent professionals: knowledgeable, innovative, thoughtful, practical, ethical, and well-prepared for the practice of law.
• Engage with the students community at all levels of our work, including teaching, scholarship, public service, and public policy.
• Create and disseminate knowledge to solve social and legal problems and to promote justice through knowledge of law.


"To educate leaders who contribute to the advancement of human dignity, social welfare and justice through knowledge of law."