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Engineering College in Bangalore

Tips for Freshmen

Tips for Freshmen

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) may provide answers to many of the questions you have about Acharya Institute of Technology admissions process, and life as an engineering undergraduate. If you do not find what you are looking for, join us for a live chat or by calling: +91 80 237 222 22, or do send us an email at admissions@acharya.ac.in. We are here to help!

Which Branch of engineering will be a good choice?

Trust your heart — choose the course of study that interests and inspires you, and throw yourself into it. Don’t choose a path merely because it satisfies the expectations of others, or because it seems prudent. You’re a good kid … take a chance on yourself.

What do I need to be an engineering professional?

Do not look at college as preparation for a job, but rather as preparation for life. So, prepare yourself to be a good person. Be studious, but also take time for leisure and socializing. Also eat healthily. In other words, live a balanced life. Choose friends who share your basic values.

Is there any dress code to be followed?

There is no uniform but a dress code should be followed in Lab sessions. If you want to become a professional, start behaving professionally. Be well dressed, polite and pleasant in manners.

How is it important to be regular to classes and Labs?

University prescribes minimum 85% of attendance and we prescribe 100% regularity in Labs to have thorough experiential knowledge of engineering concepts. 10% of grace in actual attendance may be given for genuine health issues with doctor’s certificate.

What is the proportion of Theory and Lab sessions?

Mostly semester has 6 theory and two lab subjects. Laboratory subjects play a key role in making the theory subject understanding deeper and experiential.

Hostel rules?

Being inside after 7pm and maintain home like atmosphere among roommates.

Choosing friends…

Friend’s choice is very crucial aspect as it impacts campus life, career and academic achievements. One can have friends from all over India and abroad. Choose friends who match your goal and personal growth.

How is it important to develop Professional attitude parallel to academics?

You are choosing a professional course, so professional attitude development has to happen parallel to academic success. You will get chance to develop leadership skill, presentation skill and team work etc. through forum activities of department.

Amalgamation of cultures at Acharya.

Acharya has integration of variety of cultures from all over India and around 30 different countries. Be a part of this group and learn to be anywhere in the world!!!

What co-curricular activities/trainings are offered on the Campus?

 Special placement training is offered from first year onwards by expert trainers
 Domain trainings are offered by experts in respective branch
 IELTS/ TOFEL/ Foreign Language trainings are offered on payment

Academic evaluation plan of a semester-

Each semester has three internal assessments in theory subjects, of which two best internal assessment marks will be considered for taking average test marks.

What is the importance of first year subjects?

First year has two semesters with a glimpse of basic knowledge. Along with each core engineering branch, basic sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be included. It is necessary to inculcate the problem solving habits instead of just understanding the theory right from first year of engineering.

What does backlog mean?

University requires minimum credits to be obtained to carry on year by year. In first year a student can have four subjects failure (backlog) out of 16 subjects for two semesters and still can go to second year of engineering.

What are the other activities that students can participate on the Campus?

Sports, NSS, NCC, Nature Watch Club, Adventure Club and Department Forum etc

How will parent get to know ward performance details regularly?

After every Internal Assessment Test, parent will receive an SMS about marks and attendance. Parents can request for a mail too.

Is there a parents meeting with teachers?

Parents are encouraged to meet teachers, Heads of the respective departments, but proctor of your ward will be a single point of contact for interaction with the Institute.

What is the placement status and requirement?

Acharya offers 100% placement for eligible students, who have regularity and minimum aggregate of 65% marks all through academics.

What is a parent role in shaping up student’s career?

Be aware of what proctor is expressing about your ward. Motivate ward to reach goal, study regularly and participate in activities. Be truthfully expressive about changes in your ward with proctor and Head of the department.

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