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Engineering College in Bangalore




Library at Acharya Institute is a Resource Centre for academic and research activities in the areas of Science, Technology and Management. A state-of-the-art library, it helps the academic work at the institution providing both print and digital resources for the study and research.

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Transportation department of the Acharya Institute runs fourteen buses. The department provides transportation facilities during industrial visits, company visits, placement activities, clinical emergencies, examination duties and so on. The students are charged a nominal fee per annum.

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As a Latin aphorism quotes “A sound mind in a sound body", we at Acharya Institute consider health issues as one of the primary priorities. We understand the importance of both physical and psychological health needs of the students, which directly connect with their strength and stamina.

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All efforts have been made to provide the best facilities for residents who live in Acharya Halls of Residence. Every resident has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support within the campus. Besides the regular Residence’s dining facilities, there are affordable food services within the campus that provide inexpensive and easily accessible lunch or evening snack options. Acharya Institute, with its beautifully landscaped and carefully tended gardens, provides an ideal environment for a congenial learning experience through participation in various committees in Hall Events viz Cultural, Discipline, Sports, Mess, Maintenance. We make total efforts to make residents feel “At Home” for our Residents.

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Auditorium: The auditorium seats over a five hundred audience.

Conference Hall: A fully furnished and equipped conference hall is used to organise seminars and workshops where 150 participants can be accommodated.

Board Room: Highly sophisticated board rooms with round tables are available for discussions and presentations.

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