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Acharya Institutes

International Students

Acharya Institute of Technology, being a diverse campus, is a place where everyone can pursue their dreams. Today, students from 65 countries have flocked at Acharya Institute of Technology in the quest for quality learning. Our international students are individuals with diversities, but united through understanding different cultures. Learning is made unambiguous on the campus. The specially created world class facilities for residence, learning, research and evaluation only add to the overall experience.

International Students


Acharya ~ A total combo of experience Hospitality at the Admission was the initial stage, followed by the challenging and interesting times in academics regardless of monitoring the marvelous experience in curriculums. Last but not the least, it was a total coordination among students, staff and friends who made it exceptional. !!!

Sakina N Karmali

John Merriesh

Experience at Acharya was a continuous learning process whereby I got not only about academics, but also regarding various cultures, traditions and norms. It has enlightened my knowledge and made me a better individual. I would suggest the management to keep up the good work and definitely make Acharya one of the best colleges in India.

Ahmed Ali Khalaf

John Merriesh

Acharya – an all-in-one package. The battle has never been easy at this college starting with initial or deals with the lecturers, following with the management and finally the hostel. But at the end of the day, it has been a thrilling and memorable experience because we have become more responsible and disciplined. A huge vote of thanks goes to Acharya Institutes and I wish them all the best for the future.

Mohumad Nahbill Hussain

John Merriesh

Acharya – My lovely college which is among the best ones in Bangalore. Campus life was very exciting, wonderful and amazing. The good things in our college - there are people from different countries, various cultures, several languages and religions, who are working together to achieve a successful result and objective.
It gave me chance to acquire other languages like Kannada, Hindi and most importantly English

Alser Elsiddig Idris

John Merriesh

I am Divaagar Ramam from Kuala lumpur, Malaysia studing in AIT in Computer Science and Engineering 1st year. My journey through this year was truly amazing because I have learnt a lot of thing apart from education.

Divaagar Ramam

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