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Acharya Institute of Technology

About Us

The Sanskrit word "Acharya” /a:ˈtʃɑːrɪə/, which means “TEACHER”, epitomizes the quintessential values of our institution, where traditional respect for teachers is of paramount importance.

Founded in the year 2004, Acharya College of Education offers Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and Diploma in Education (D.Ed) Programmes.

Efficiency in training teachers springs vastly from experience. Acharya faculty have years of invaluable experience in training the future teachers.

The extensive resources of infrastructure, laboratories, libraries, computer facilities, learning aids, demonstration kits, etc. make the teacher training at Acharya, a far reaching and effective one.

The Acharya Institute’s sprawling campus provides the candidates, the right interactive platform for observance, experiment and discovery of newer and more effective methods of teaching. The students’ presence in this single-location educational conglomerate also opens up potential for useful and meaningful interaction with teachers of other Acharya institutions, which will strengthen their own perceptions and add value to their learning. We believe that ‘child-centered education can be achieved only through a teacher-centered school’.

As Mahatma Gandhi quotes “What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education” Acharya College Of Education has been giving equal priority to every individual.

Our Motto

"Nurturing Aspirations Supporting Growth"

Our Vision

We wish to provide quality education that permits learners to develop a holistic vision of life grounded in a deep appreciation of human values. This will equip them to face the multi – track challenges with confidence. We hope that the benefit of new experiments and initiatives in teacher training would reach to wider section of society by providing a new direction and meaning to the excellence in Teacher Education.

Our Mission

• Bringing quality in teacher training and learning process.
• Preparing students to noble qualities of a human being like – humanity, loyalty and responsibility.
• Nurturing and inspiring the young minds through human methods.
• For great future making this is the right place to learn and grow.
• Eagerness to expand horizons of knowledge.
• Empowering knowledge for foresightedness.
• Minimize requirements for existence and maximize technology for intelligence.
• Setting milestones to character building.
• Spreading human cause and to make earthly abode worth having.


B Premnath Reddy
Founder Chairman, Acharya Institutes


At Acharya Institutes, we believe in 'fueling the quest for knowledge'.
In doing so, our commitments pave the way for the individual professional success which culminates in benefiting the society.
Creating a vast state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, putting together best teaching talent, equipping with every required learning aid ensure that students at Acharya get the best in academics. Sporting, cultural and extra-curricular facilities are put in place so that the students enjoy their campus life. The wide range of Acharya academics encompasses Engineering, Management, Technology, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing, Teaching, Journalism, Communication, Fashion Design, etc. and has drawn aspiring youth from every part of India and across the globe. Acharya Institutes is truly emerging as the nurturing ground for leadership. It has become synonymous with practical and industry-focused education.

The fact that Acharyans, today, are a familiar face in the industry and the same is a demonstration of its total commitment to excellence in academics.

I cordially welcome you to the Acharya fold.

Prof. Gousekhan H D

In an era that is ruled by information and knowledge, teachers are the key to progress. As India emerges the knowledge destination of the future, significance of teachers in nurturing its youth assumes critical. No wonder today one sees increased activity in the education sector both from the state and the private sector. In every sphere of education –Kindergarten to post doctoral research- there is resurgence like never before, it is encompassing revision in curriculum, improvement in infrastructure, fine–tuning of the pedagogy, use of technology etc.

The direct result of the information technology’s explosive growth is the hunger for knowledge. Information is leading to knowledge and knowledge rules the world today. This is particularly true in the knowledge driven activities such as Information Technology, Biotechnology, Health Care, Management, Marketing, Industrial Relations, etc. It is teaching that transforms information into knowledge . Whether in schools, colleges or institutions of higher learning, a teacher is still that crucial anchor who demonstrates, role plays and discusses. If in the earlier stages of learning the teacher is considered to be the venerable Guru-in the latter stages the teacher becomes a learning enabler, facilitator and a guide. The relationship between the students and teacher will mature with academic progress to be one of a friend and mentor. It is thus but natural that each one of us certainly, remembers at least one teacher in our lives intensely, as the person who has set us forth in the journey of our lives.

Acharya Institutes, the very name connotes ‘teaching’. Acharya College of Education takes that meaning further on. It is dedicated to raise the standards of the society through training the youth into invaluable reaching assets of the country. It is a force that will set forth transformation, which will have a cascading effect.

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